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Our Services

Project Management

Transit projects come with unique challenges when it comes to regulatory compliance. The range of projects and agencies that we have worked with in our nearly 20 years of business have provided us unique insight into the needs and challenges that transit agencies in California face. This includes compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the California Public Contract Code, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), as well as navigation of the many other regulations that come with a project of this type. Whether you are procuring and in-serving new vehicles or building a new transit facility, The LeFlore Group can help you manage the project.  For some examples of projects we've managed, see our Projects and Experience page. 

Grant Writing

TLG has successfully secured millions of dollars in competitive grant funding on behalf of clients across the United States. Recently, we’ve helped clients secure funding through the Low or No Emission Vehicle Program 5339{c}, Buses and Bus Facilities Transit Program 5339{b},  and Transit And Intercity Rail Capital Program {TIRCP}. In addition to securing funding, we have managed these projects allowing our clients to experience a seamless process from start to completion.

Organizational Development

Operating in an efficient organization begins with everyone understanding how to properly execute their role. TLG has helped several agencies identify areas of opportunity and implement effective strategies that have led to lasting success. Our experience in the industry for over 20 years has allowed us to help agencies solve various unique complex challenges in a timely manner.

Procurement Compliance

TLG has helped both small and large agencies develop countless solicitations for construction,
materials, services, equipment, supplies, and rolling stock acquisitions while ensuring compliance with funding requirements, local, state, and federal regulations. Our support includes everything from drafting procurement policies that are compliant with state and federal laws, staff procurement training, drafting RFPs, reviewing procurement files for compliance and drafting SOPs for your agency. 

Zero Emission Support

The LeFlore Group has helped several agencies of various sizes across the United States develop Zero Emission Fleet Transition Plans in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. Additionally, we’ve helped clients procure battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure, equipment, and vehicles. The LeFlore Group can assist in developing a custom cost-effective zero-emission transition plan that reflects the unique desires of your agency.

Support Consulting

Being a transit Agency means compliance with an array of rules and regulations.  Luckily, TLG has been in the industry long enough to know how to navigate through all of it.  The LeFlore Group offers support consulting through FTA's triennial reviews, Procurement System Reviews, single audits, and all of the other things that may come up.  TLG has even served as expert witnesses for agencies in litigation. Our areas of expertise include: 


  • FTA Award Management Requirements (5010.1.E)

  • FTA Procurement Circular (4220.1.F)

  • Cost Principles for Federal Grants (2 CFR 200)

  • Federal Aquisition Regulation (FAR)

  • FTA's Best Practices Procurement Manual

EEO Compliance

The LeFlore Group has assisted several agencies in drafting and implementing their EEO Programs.  Having a federally compliant program is place is a crucial part of an agency's eligibility to receive grant funding.  TLG can assist with everything from conducting a Utilization Analysis to training your EEO officer. 

DBE Compliance

A DBE program can take on a life of its own, especially if your agency is short staffed.  TLG can assist your team in developing a compliant DBE program that meets all FTA requirements.  TLG also has the unique experience in navigating the nuances that come with developing plans for municipalities. Last, as a certified DBE, The LeFlore Group can actually help you meet your DBE goals. 

TAM Compliance 

Transit Asset Management may be an old concept but the FTA has issues fairly new requirements for TAM plan drafting and program implementation. TLG has been ahead of the curve in drafting TAM compliant plans for Tier I and Tier II agencies where resources are limited. 

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