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Procurement Consulting & 
Project Management

The LeFlore Group was established in 2002 as a full-service support group with the purpose of helping the transit industry navigate government compliance, project and program management, and organizational improvement. Through over 20 years of experience, TLG has helped numerous agencies solve complex business problems and remain in compliance. 

Our Services

Our Services
Procurement Compliance 

TLG has over 20 years of experience navigating Federal and State Procurement regulations. 

Project Management

The LeFlore Group has managed a variety of projects from construction of facilities to rolling stock procurement. 

Zero Emission Support

TLG has been at the forefront of helping agencies identify, procure, and transition to hydrogen and battery electric technology. 

Grant Writing

TLG has written several grants helping agencies secure millions of dollars of additional funding to carry out various projects.

Support Consulting

The LeFlore Group offers support consulting through triennial reviews, Procurement Systems Reviews, etc. 

Compliance Training

TLG is experienced in helping agencies develop solutions to improve compliance, efficiency, and performance.   

EEO Compliance

TLG has years of experience developing EEO programs for various agencies and municipalities. 

DBE Compliance

The LeFlore Group is able to offer an outsourced DBE solution complete with outreach. 

TAM Compliance

TLG has helped several agencies adhere to the FTA's TAM plan and program requirements.


"This project is a testimony of the dedicated efforts of our Electrification Project Team. I truly appreciate The LeFlore Groups contributions which encompassed developing specifications and acquisition of our battery electric buses, to coordinating with our project partners on the design of our charging infrastructure and final construction."


Norwalk Transit System

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